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The beating


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October 23rd, 2020
  • REMINDER: St Thomas' Church Nativity is strictly Pay-Per-View. Sky Plus 107, NETFLIX or FREEVIEW ch 219

More misery as supplies of 2019’s ‘Must Have’ Christmas toy run low

Elle Gee / H Penny / T Tucker
It’s this year’s hottest Christmas gift, and it seems every child in the Golden Triangle wants one . . .

But with the festive season nearly upon us, local stores have already run out of the Greta Thunberg action figure.

Other Greta related merchandise is also said to be in short supply, including the popular United Nations Climate Summit accessory set

Greta arrives at the UN in Manhattan



And with Greta figures changing hands on Gumtree for £300 or more, one local mum has decided to take matters into her own hands.

We face an unprecedented crisis

Olympia Gedge (41) told The Lentil

That’s why I’ve taken the decision to charter a plane to Stockholm.

Along with 70 other desperate Mum’s, Mrs Gedge will be making the 1,500 mile round-trip to the manufacturers’ in Sweden to:

ensure that our children do not remain oblivious to the climate-catastrophe on Christmas Day
Local parents needn’t fear rising sea levels as ‘Greta’ is made from water resistant organic hemp




Other recent NR2 Christmas toy shortages include
2018 Lego Latitude


2016 Play-Doh Spiralizer






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