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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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Helen McDemott latest victim of Earlham Road Sink Holes

McDermott endured 2 days in Sink Hole before ‘scrambling to safety’

Former Anglia News presenter Helen McDermott is the latest innocent victim of ancient chalk pits in the Earlham Road area of Norwich.

A shaken Mrs McDermott was found by a dog walker early yesterday morning, and immediately transferred to the nearby Black Horse.


I was now gunn up the cih-eeh, and f**k me, I din even f**kin see it . . . 


Mrs McDermott told The Lentil.


It muss-ah f**kin opened up or summin . . . 


. . . opened up an f**kin swall-ud me up like I was a f**kin Snickers  . . . .   


Until recently Mrs McDermott was a presenter on local TV start-up ‘Mustard’ where her potty mouthed rants kept the station afloat for almost 2 years.





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