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The beating


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October 24th, 2020
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Gorleston Man Trawls His 2011 Twitter Feed Desperately Searching For A ‘Knockout’ Racist Tweet That Will Allow Him To Stand As BREXIT Party Candidate

Harry Wright has now spent 3 months  anxiously reviewing his Social Media feeds from the last 9 years.

He’s been looking for what he describes as one of his early ‘knockout’ racial slurs or casually homophobic remarks which he hopes will launch his career as a prospective MP for the BREXIT Party.

Obviously I’m not looking for a full-on “12 months banged-up” hate crime !

explained the 34 year old Peugeot dealer . . .

No, I’m just hoping that I’ll find something mildly racist. In fact at this late stage, I’d even settle for ‘casually xenophobic‘.


If I get to Westminster or Strasbourg I don’t want to stand out from the crowd and be bullied by ‘Nigel and co’.


I want to be treated equally, and with respect. And some racist tweets could really help me . . . you know . . . help me to ‘fit in’ . . .

Mr Wright is praying that he’ll find some of his early religious abuse online





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