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The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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Transit Van parks for 30 minutes on The Avenues and gets valued at £275,995

Estate Agent’s verdict: ‘Flexible accommodation in prime location’

A builder has been telling of his amazement after being offered a free market appraisal from a local estate agent after parking his van on on the Avenues for just half an hour !

‘Mitch’ Mitchell from Catton Property Services told The Lentil

It was 2 o’clock, so I’d finished for the day and I’d parked up for a smoke . . .


. . . and a bloke in a suit is wandering down all the vans on the verges and gets to mine and says it’s in a ‘prime location’ and would I like a ‘free market appraisal’ and I says yes . . .

Mr Mitchell explained how he’d received ‘draft particulars‘ for the van just 2 days later, and was told that the vehicle  was:

  • In catchment for Avenues Junior School and
  • offered ‘flexible accommodation with potential for development


The letter says that if go back there again,  it can go on the market for “offers in excess of £275,995”


. . . but I went yesterday and I couldn’t park in the same place because some pr*ck in a Mercedes Camper has nicked my spot . . .

Avenues residents extend a hearty Golden Triangle welcome to a new neighbour in a 1981 Diesel Mercedes 207













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