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The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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GT Woman Who Compares Everything To ‘When She Lived In London’ Is Beginning To Really P*ss People Off

Up to 100 Golden Triangle residents have banded together with the sole aim of  preventing Sherri Fitzgerald (44) of Denbigh Road from comparing everything she does in Norwich with a superior version which she experienced whilst living in London.

It’s become unbearable . . .

Ivy Gedge of campaign group “Shut Up Sherri” explained:

I mean . . . she lived there for like, 6 months . . . in 2009 . . .

The group is using a crowd-funding website to raise money for a legal injunction. And if successful, they hope to win a  ‘gagging order‘ that will prevent Ms Fitgerald from  mentioning ‘Hackney‘, ‘Rainforest Cafe‘  or ‘Shoreditch High Street‘ ever again.

I mean how the hell can an Udon Noodle in Chapelfield Wagamamas be ‘drier and thinner‘ than an Udon Noodle from Wagamamas in Shoreditch ? Just SHUT UP Sherri , , ,

Campaign Badge £2 (proceeds to ‘Shut Up Sherri’)








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