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October 24th, 2020
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Glebe Road Baby’s First Ever Words Are “Revoke Article Fifty”

12 Month Old Oscar Rafferty’s Vocabulary Also Includes ‘Frictionless Border Arrangements’ and ‘Jean-Claude Juncker’

It’s a magical moment that many parents will cherish for ever . . . the first intelligible utterance from their beloved offspring.

But for one Glebe Road family, the first words from their 12 month old were particularly poignant.

Obviously he’s become caught up in the whole BREXIT thing more than we could ever have imagined . . .

proud Mum Masie Rafferty (31) told The Lentil

We didn’t prompt or cajole him in any way. But we couldn’t have wished for anything more gratifying than his first call to “Revoke Article 50”

And although it will be some time before little Oscar reaches voting age, he’s already announced that in the forthcoming European elections he’d probably back:

. . . the radical and divergent breakaway group of anti-Brexit MPs who have coalesced to form the progressive Independent Group,  ‘Change UK’

Oscar’s TV favourite ‘Peppa Pig’ is also understood to favour an interim facilitated customs arrangement





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