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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
  • REMINDER: St Thomas' Church Nativity is strictly Pay-Per-View. Sky Plus 107, NETFLIX or FREEVIEW ch 219

NR2 Escape Room – Still Not Cracked It ?

Have you tried the Golden Triangle’s Escape Room but failed to breakout ?
Check out our top tips !

NR2’s latest attraction has certainly generated a lot of attention both locally and online !

Set in a mocked-up walk in terrace on Havelock Road, Equity Quest puts you in the role of early forties couple Arrabella and Caspian Newmont.

On arrival, your ‘host‘ shows you to the front bedroom, and tells you that you’re now the proud parents of two school age children (Noah, 7 and Ruby, 10).

But there’s a bombshell.

Arrabella is pregnant again !!

You Have 2 Hours to solve all the puzzles . . .
. . .  and ‘escape’ from the increasingly claustrophobic two bed terrace, to your 1970’s detached home (with much needed larger garden) on Eaton Rise


Top Tips

(Warning: contains spoilers)

Living Room:

On the coffee table, locate the William H Brown property brochure. Read the title carefully. Is that “Havelock Road” or ‘Havealook Road’ ?!! (Hint: Try turning it over).

A sore thumb !

On the Book Shelf. The iPhone 6 is suspiciously old and certainly looks out of place, but it is in fact a red herring (after all, it might be still under contract).

But look to the left . . . it’s no surprise to see the usual bottle of Hendrick’s of course.

But those four bottles of tonic aren’t Fevertree, they’re Schweppes  (Alarm Bells !!! Take a closer look)

In the kitchen:

The correct order for the Tassimo pods is (1) COSTA Latte, (2) COSTA Americano, (3) Kenco Colombian, (4) Twinings Chai Latte

Bedroom 1:

The Amazon Echo appears not to work. But if you spotted the Lonely Planet Guide to Seville on the bookshelf downstairs you should have deduced that her wake-up command has been changed to “Alicia“.

Try asking her about Eaton Rise (Hint: Remember to end your commands with “Please” or she will not respond)




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