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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


August 9th, 2020
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REVEALED: The Top 7 Reasons Cited In Golden Triangle Relationship Breakups

Happily, the Office for National Statistics has reported that the UK  divorce rate is falling.

But here in the licentious sexual cauldron of the Golden Triangle, relationships can be over faster than an Ofo ride.

So, courtesy of our friends at Hamilton Black Solicitors, here are the top irreconcilable differences cited in relationship breakdowns for NR2 residents in 2018.

You have been warned.


7. Reading The Guardian online without paying optional subscription

6. Alpro Organic Coconut Water Tetra Pak can / can’t be recycled

5. Heigham Park Tennis Courts – floodlights vs no floodlights

4. Watching Homes Under The Hammer  when not ill / redundant / retired

3. Updated Facebook Status to “In relationship”

2. Ordering in The Green Grocers Café – “Can I get” vs “May I have”

No. 1 Most Cited Reason

Irreconcilable disagreement: Norway style Customs Union vs Canada Plus Free Trade Agreement


What is your Middle Class Deal Breaker ? We’d love to hear from you.

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