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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


August 9th, 2020
  • REMINDER: St Thomas' Church Nativity is strictly Pay-Per-View. Sky Plus 107, NETFLIX or FREEVIEW ch 219

Academy School Pupils Who Study Latin Are ‘5 Times More Likely’ To Be Able To Summon Undead

Academy Trusts ‘vastly superior’ at producing children who can ‘bridge to the spirit realm’

Spare a thought this Halloween for youngsters educated in schools that are still in Local Education Control. A recent survey by ‘Education Week‘  revealed that without a solid grounding in Latin, few if any pupils would have the vocabulary needed to summon even the lowest ranking demon.

A spokesperson for one of Norfolk’s largest Multi-Academy Trusts told The Lentil:

Once again, the private sector is at the forefront of best practice . . .


A Year 6 pupil struggles with the past-imperfect form of “Slaughtered”

When it comes to satanic ritual and pagan doctrine, our insistence on teaching Latin is fully vindicated . . .  especially at this time of year . . .






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