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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


September 22nd, 2020
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Length of 2 Sides of Golden Triangle Already Known, But Length of Third Still a Mystery

It’s a conundrum that has baffled the best brains in Norwich for over 200 years.

And even here in the 21st century, many still feel frustrated that the length of the “longest” side of the Golden Triangle is still not known.

Local Historian Tffany Dixon (41)

It really is rather irritating that, while we know the precise length of the other two sides . . .


we still don’t know the length of the . . . . the ‘other’ bit . . . you know . . the . . . .


. . . . well it doesn’t have a name, so let’s just call it the “bit between the Earlham Police Station and the smaller of the two roundabouts up near the Roman Catholic Cathedral”

Ken Barker, Senior Surveyor for Highways Norfolk:

I know that people find the whole “What’s the length of the longest side of the Golden Triangle” thing rather irksome, but I want to appeal for calm and assure people that we are making progress. 


For example, we do know know the Cosine of the angle at the junction of Earlham Road and the Boundary Road is 0.4145


But perhaps in the longer term, it might be safer to face up to the fact that we may never actually know the true length of the . . . . the . . . you know . . .


. . . the “bit between the Earlham Police Station and the roundabout near the Roman Catholic Cathedral that is opposite to the other two sides

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