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October 23rd, 2020
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GT Parents Hit Out At ‘Sick’ And Distressing Halloween Mask In Unthank Road Store

Locals blast store’s horror mask which they say is leaving many upset or even ‘in tears’

Pressure was growing on a local convenience store this afternoon to remove a Halloween mask that many feel is ‘gruesome’ and has ‘overstepped the mark’.

Trinity Street Mother-of-three Rosalie Weston  says her 24 year old daughter Florence is too scared to go back to the store after seeing the mask at the weekend.

Florence was absolutely terrified. She burst into tears and I had to ditch my shopping and take her straight home . . .

And now she’s asking uncomfortable questions about UKIP at bed time.  I have to settle her by explaining that they don’t really exist,  except in nightmares . . . . . . . . and of course,  Thetford . . .


A spokesperson for Tesco told the Lentil:

We’re sorry for any distress this particular mask has caused.


On advice from our Head Office we have moved the display to the quietest part of the store, next to the white sliced bread.




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