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The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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Waitrose Trolleys WILL Now Accept The New Krugerrand

Eaton Branch apologise for delay in getting trolleys to accept the new 1.09 Troy ounce 24ct Gold Rand

Furious Golden Triangle residents were breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon after eight weeks of inconvenience while Waitrose adapted their trolleys to accept the new style Krugerrand.

Up until today, beleaguered shoppers had been asked to deposit their car keys with the Waitrose concierge before collecting a trolley.

An employee at the store who did not want to be identified told The Lentil:

We were forced to adopt the Krugerrand as our Trolley Token of choice back in 2012. For most of our customers, a 50 minute shop will see the value of their house rise by anything up to £5,000 . . .


. . . so they’re never going to toddle all the way back up the ramp to the trolley park for a quid are they ?




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