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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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Golden Triangle Reels As More Front Line Services Axed

Future of ‘Post Brexit Trauma Clinic’ Hangs In The Balance


Those affected services in full:


Day/Time Affected Service
Tuesdays Dyshousia Sufferers – Help for parents living out of catchment
Daily UKIP Craniorectal Inversion Clinic
Monday mornings Low Gin Levels Group
Evenings 7pm Life after Mustard TV
Mondays & Thursdays Desouzaphobia Support
Daily Supressing Rage, Managing Anger – How to deal with NR6 residents without recourse to violence
Saturday mornings Under 11’s Nintendonitis Group
Saturday afternoons Relaxation  for Xenephobes – Coping with a ‘Hispanic Panic Attack’


Are you aware of any services being cut in your area ?

Leave us your examples in the comments box below or on our Facebook Page




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