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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 26th, 2020
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Study – Only 1 In 40 GT Woman Can Give Directions In Norwich WITHOUT Reference To Puppet Theatre

Research reveals crucial role of Puppet Theatre for female cerebral orientation
Rochelle Rowley (36)

FROM: Gloucester Street TO: IKEA (Sweet Briar retail park)

Errr, turn right out of Gloucester Street ? Up to the Roundabout, go down Grapes Hill, past the puppet theatre and  IKEA is on your left ????



Matilda Topwell (40)

FROM: College Road TO: Waitrose

OK, so this is easy . . . . left onto the Earlham Road, right at the Notcutts roundabout, take the slip road to Cringleford and Waitrose is on your left, opposite the Puppet Theatre ??


Olivette Nelson (26)

FROM: Newmarket Street TO: Railway Station

So as you’re coming out of the Puppet Theatre, turn right, enter the roundabout, take the fourth exit and . . . oh f*ck, what a ding-bat . . . I’m back at the Puppet Theatre aren’t I . . .




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