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October 24th, 2020
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Cash Boost Sees N&N Opening 2 More Life Saving Hospital Corridors

Brand New Corridors Set To Provide Vital Additional Waiting Space

Health chiefs were said to be “jumping for joy” today as they unveiled  plans to build 2 brand spanking new corridors at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Patients can pass the time learning how to wash their hands.

Set to open in the Spring,  the state-of-the-art corridors will be 20% longer than the existing passage ways, and boast “cutting edge” notice boards and water coolers.

We welcome this long overdue cash-injection . . .

hospital spokesman Phil Remington told The Lentil.

With seating for up to 200 emergency cases and standing room for a further 150, these new facilities will allow us to nearly double the number of  people waiting for  life saving care.


Advanced vending machines will dispense type-2 diabetes




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