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October 24th, 2020
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New American Craze Takes Off In Norwich

It started in Britain.

It took America by storm.

And now Zenophobia   is coming to Norwich !

New classes aimed at getting the older generation up off the couch and active again are being trialled right here in Norwich.

Registerd Zenophobia Instructor Kirsty McAllister (35)  is running 3 classes a week at the Recreation Road Sports Hall. She told the Lentil

Obviously you can’t become Donald Trump overnight !! So the course is designed to take you from ‘tolerant‘ right through to ‘reasonably prejudiced‘ in just 8 weeks.

The course founders claim that Zenophobia is a great way of “empowering the older generation“. And the classes appeared to be going down very well with everyone we spoke to:

Catherine Anworth (71)  It’s really nice to get out and try something new.  I’ve only been coming 2 weeks and I’ve already gone off the Dutch.

Patricia Howlett (79) is confident she’ll have something racist to say in time for Christmas lunch with her family


The 8 week Zenophobia course costs £60 and comes with a free Top Gear DVD. Contact Kirsty on 01603 818964 for more information




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