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October 24th, 2020
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Avenues Residents Call For Dedicated Deliveroo Cycle Lane

Spokesman: “We will NOT tolerate lukewarm Yasai Katsu Ramen”

Residents on Norwich’s up market Avenues today launched a new campaign for a cycle path dedicated exclusively to Deliveroo riders.

Activists are claiming that Deliveroo staff are being delayed by students and allotment holders at notorious cycling bottlenecks, and that vital food deliveries are arriving late or even cold.

Lead campaigner Chanel Lockhart (41) told The Lentil

. . . the speed humps are also affecting the quality of deliveries. For example there has been an alarming increase in the number of cases where GBK Hallumi burgers have become detached from their Harissa relish

One of many potential ‘Katsu Killers’ identified by local campaigners

Other residents in the area were all so supportive of the concept of a dedicated cycle lane. James Musgrave (38) from College Road told us:

This is 2016 . . . I mean is it really too much to ask to get a Giraffe  Miso and Lime Prawn Bowl, where the prawns are still actually in the bowl ?

Do you live on The Avenues. Have you had trouble with a tepid Teppanyaki or was your Yaki Soba yucky ? Contact us here at The Lentil




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