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nec procu

The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 24th, 2020
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Student Who Attempted To Leave Norwich After Graduating Is ‘Safe And Well’ After Recapture Near Suffolk Border

High Velocity Rifle Used To ‘Rescue’ Graduate Who Was Just 1 Mile From Diss


“I Wanted To See Hills And Motorways”

Authorities have ‘saved’ a UEA Drama student after he became disorientated and attempted to leave Norwich immediately after graduating.

Zachary Crawford (23)  told The Lentil

I’ve been working very hard, and what with all the hot weather and everything . . . . . I started to . . . . to fantasise really I suppose . . . . about living and working on the ‘outside’ . . . you know . . . outside Norwich . . .

Bob Thomson for Norfolk Police:

So we’ve picked this young lad up and he’s seen for himself that there’s not much of interest beyond Newton Flotman . . .


Home Sweet Home

This could have ended in tragedy. Virgin Money have confirmed that his call-booth is ready and he can start on Monday . . . and yet he came so close to throwing it all away . . .




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