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The beating


of the Golden Triangle 


October 23rd, 2020
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What Must It Be Like . . .

. . . To Live In A Foreign Country ?


This Week,  SUFFOLK


The latest in our weekly series where we try to imagine how people living in impossible conditions get by with their day-to-day lives.


Because of its size and geographical location, Suffolk is ‘technically’ speaking, a suburb of North London. Its land area is 3,798 km², (which for ease of comparison is around 61.49% the size of mid Glamorgan).


Suffolk is much closer to the equator than Norwich, and consequently most of the interior is barren wasteland and scrub (main picture)

View across Christchurch Park in Ipswich with the BT Tower & Millennium wheel visible to the south

MLE (Multicultural London English) is widely spoken, although in the smaller impoverished rural communities (WoodbridgeBury St Edmunds), people don’t tend to talk very much at all.

The Capital

Today around 97% of the population live in its capital Ipswich,  drawn there by the availability of electricity in the town.

ipswich-quirky-factThe name Ipswich is actually Flemish in origin, derived from the contagious muscle spasm originating in Belgium, the “Eeps Twitch


Here in Norwich we are perhaps guilty of taking many things for granted; we have the status of ‘city’ and a rich cultural heritage; we have a top-class football team, two magnificent cathedrals and a modern  integrated transport network featuring an international airport. But let’s not forget that Ipswich too has a bus  station.

Notable People
tim westwood
Westwood was born in the Suffolk ghetto of Lowestoft

Hip-hop DJ Tim Westwood is originally from Suffolk which will be immediately apparent  to anyone when first listening to him.

Formula 1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone was born in Bungay – a fact which spurred him on during his formative years to develop a very fast car with no reverse gear.


Check with Foreign Office before travel

Next Time:

What Must It Be Like ?

With the topic of refugees very much in the headlines, we ask ourselves what must it be like leading a life without hope in a battle-scarred conflict zone when we visit . . . King’s Lynn




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